(HCM) is a condition in which there is an abnormal thickening of the heart that can cause sudden death in athletes.


Help prevent “Sudden Death” with our mobile electrocardiogram testing services.


Athletes dying of Sudden Cardiac Death (HCM) have sparked recent media attention.

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James A. Schneider
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Sonic Imaging, Inc. was established in 2001 by James A. Schneider, Diagnostic Medical and Vascular Sonographer with extensive training and experience in Florida since 1994.

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Why Get An Echocardiogram?

What are the risks?

Athletes in the prime of their life and career are particularly susceptible to this “Silent Cardiac Killer” that often occurs without any warning following exertion from sports. It is now known that 1 in 500 people are affectedUsual testing does not detect HCM – many athletes have normal EKGs prior to having their fatal event.

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